Emotions Check-in

As part of arrival procedures and again after lunch, students can tell how they are feeling by using some sort of emotion check in routine.

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In my PreK room, it looks like students putting their name card with their faces on either happy or not happy as part of morning routines.  They can change it throughout the day.  I make sure to check in with those not happy students with a short chat so they can express their feelings.  Other ideas could be for students to use a happy/sad clothes pin, turn a smiley/sad emoji or have a white board where kids can sign in.  Teachers can speak with students privately who are not feeling happy and find out why.  Just having a minute conversation and showing you care can do wonders for the students' moods and build stronger student/ teacher relationships. 

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

PS 175 Karen found out some information about students she didn't know just by checking in with them.
PS 41 Someone shared about his parent getting arrested during the weekend.


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