Earth Day Celebration

School-wide celebration where older students are teaching younger students about how to help keep our planet healthy!

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Choose a day each year where students gather and explore different ways to keep our planet healthy and sustainable. 

Instruction - in each of the older student classes, (i.e. grades 7 & 8), divide the students into groups.  Each group is responsible for a specific topic.  The goal of each group is to research their area of expertise, create a short presentation describing the issue or topic, and then design an activity for younger students that will teach about the topic.

Possible topics:

Teaching about photosynthesis - the importance of plants in our environment

Seed dissection - learning about the parts of seeds

Owl Pellet dissection - learning about food webs

Recycling - learning about the different plastic classifications and what is recyclable and what is not

Composting - How to make your own compost

Solar power - S'more making  - Make your own solar oven  

Global warming  - what is it and how it effects our environment

Acid Rain - pH testing of water

The Lorax - read and act out the classic Dr. Seuss story

The Giant Garbage Patch - learn about how plastics do not breakdown and end up hurting ocean wildlife

Oil Spill Clean up - design a method for cleaning up oil spills

Water FIitration - design a water filter from everyday materials.

Solar Desalination - design a solar still

Maker Space/craft area - teach how to re-purpose and re-use materials that would otherwise end up in our landfills or oceans.  Have materials for students to create their own inventions or projects created out of recycled materials. 


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