Centered on Centers

Students experience a variety of learning opportunities and styles by moving through centers.

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Students learn content through various forms.  Centers can include tasks focused on physical manipulations, artistic representation, writing, listening, games, kinesthetic activities, etc.  All centers would be connected to the classroom topic and subject.  

Centered learning offers students choice, which develops a sense of ownership and pride in their efforts and work.  This model also allows students to learn in their own personal style and engage with their peers to develop healthy interactions and relationships. 

Target Group: ALL GRADES

Possible Formats:

  • Friday Review Centers
          Students spend the day working in centers that review the week's topics, providing        reteach time for those who require it.
  • Alternating Days/Subjects
  • For one period each day, students to work in centers focused on a different subject.          Examples:
         Tuesday: Social Studies Centers
         Wednesday: ELA Centers
         Thursday: Math Centers
         Friday: Science Centers

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

Students expressed how school was often boring and repetitive.

This idea was also inspired by the brainstorming session in which BA teachers participated, as it was expressed multiple times in different forms.


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