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Students will find their own voices, explore various means of creative expression, and inspire all to create and celebrate individuality.

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Students may join this creative expression club to explore their identities as writers and artistic individuals.  They can learn and write various forms of poetry and fiction and hold "workshops" to help them understand their personal styles.  

Students will collect submissions of writing or other creative work from peers and students in grades Pre-K through 2; analyze and evaluate this work; and publish a magazine for everyone in the school community to enjoy. 

Students will find their voices, practice how to provide constructive feedback, build empathy in doing certain writing exercises, and incite creativity both within their own lives and the lives of peers and teachers.  They can also explore how to create and pair artwork with poetry, music with fiction, etc.  In addition, students will be exposed to performance poetry, such as spoken word.

The Baychester Bards can also sponsor school-wide monthly creative challenges to inspire all students.  Challenges can include zany writing prompts or artistic expression prompts from which students may draw, paint, create a collage, etc.   Highlighted efforts from these challenges can be shared and/or recognized during a ROCKS Assembly, connecting the writer/artist to the school community and providing an (optional) opportunity  for  students to showcase their creative expression with an audience.

Target Group: Grades 3, 4, 5 

Possible Formats: 

  • Thursday and Friday Afternoon Club (before dismissal)
  • After/Before School 
  • Lunchtime Club

Share insights you heard during your empathy work.

During interviews with students, many of them expressed how school was boring and followed too much of the same routine. By allowing students more freedom to express themselves and giving them the opportunity to engage with various age groups across the school as leaders, students may be more excited to be in school.


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