Unit 1: Empathy

Attached is my Unit 1 assignment on empathy.

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Hi Rebecca Levine ! I am so impressed with your Empathy work and insights! It sounds like you found that "sweet spot" where you designed thoughtful questions to focus the Empathy interview around and also allowed the conversation to move deeper as the student grew more comfortable with you.

I am particularly struck by your comment about you leaving the interview "thinking about different ways we can reach our 6th grade population so that they feel comfortable with at least one adult in the building." Yes! This is exactly why Empathy work is so important - you gain new insights and curiosities that may lead to some really rich design opportunities! Might this be a design question to brainstorm with some colleagues? How awesome would it be if every student had a connection to an adult in the building within the first month of school? What might that look like? Excited to see what this year holds for you!