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Studio Time allows students to be different and to celebrate their individual and group talents as part of a creative community.

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Could you write a poem, sketch a landscape, master a piece of music in forty five minutes?  That is exactly what we ask our students to do each day in the confines of a school day’s schedule and with all it’s interruptions.  Studio Time: Create Co Op offers uninterrupted time outside of the school day for students to create either individually or with a group.  The unstructured time allows students to write, draw, play music, knit, film and edit, etc. in a relaxed environment free from imposed expectations. This creative community allows students to be different and to celebrate their individual and group talents.  Structured activities are also offered.

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Hi Jodi Rzeszotarski !

Your statement about your self-efficacy is SO INCREDIBLY POWERFUL: "I have stopped thinking that I have to impact a large number of students in order for change to happen. I know I create change but not on a massive level." YES YES YES! Yes you do! This it what it's all about! We know that teachers' collective belief in their ability to impact change has the most significant impact on student achievement...and by golly, you're there. Now let's imagine that you've activated another teacher or two to join you on this Creative Co Op endeavor (or another challenge) - and that collective efficacy grows - and your students feel heard and empowered. Talk about impact!

There's no question that you are a do-er and it's been so awesome to watch you jump right in to your challenge, continually make changes based on student feedback, and keep on going. I'm blown away by the fact that you will have already had 4-5 sessions by the end of the school year! I wonder what might come next. Is Studio Time something that will continue? Are there other experiments/versions you'd like to try? Anyone else you'd like to involve? What an incredible, student-centered experience for those students who value the time, space and connection for artistic expression.

Random question - where were the photos taken? Is that the Library Media Center? What a cool, inspirational space!