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We made it. :)

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A summation of our design journey—going through the design process and overhauling New Student Orientation.

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Hey Vince Petrecca and Karly Smith ! You did it! You successfully completed your Design Portfolio...and Year 1! What a journey!

Our Guild team was SO impressed with your creative share back at the Impact Showcase - it was evident that you both deeply understand your students' diverse needs and are keeping those at the forefront of your orientation redesign. By including student voice in this entire process (whether through empathy interviews, your student focus groups, or having them help you design your gallery poster), you recognize the power of designing alongside them. And you'll get to some pretty amazing ideas/insights!

As you work on orientation this summer, I would encourage you to test out a couple of the ideas (small scale) with a few students or colleagues as you go. (We're happy to come in as well if that would be helpful!) The feedback you receive will be invaluable - and help you even further strengthen those "moments that matter" for your new students at orientation.

Enjoy every minute of your summer break! And thank you for being part of The Guild...we loved having you!