My life in 12 pics

A reflection on how a 3rd and 4th grader feels about their day.

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This data was gathered with a broad lens by asking 3 students to show me their life in 12 pics.  The only direction provided was a simple question:  What are you thinking, feeling and/or doing?  Students shared their work via Google Drive, then debriefed with me over each picture they included in the project.


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Cynthia -- I'm Molly from The Guild. It's wonderful to meet you through this assignment. You may have the coolest job...ever! As I consider your question of how to bring more these practices to your school, I'd love to see the photos and the journal of your students. And I bet your colleagues would as well. Those stories are so powerful and let's others know they can try new practices as well. Thanks so much for the inspiration today!

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