Module 4 Test and Iterate- Perry Connect time

Building on our student perspectives to include key teachers to generate creative options for scheduling.

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We are continuing to explore and understand our current needs in order to develop creative solutions to our rigid schedule that impedes collaboration and depth of learning.


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Hi Cindy! I love love LOVE following your reflections and insights! Your passion for student-centered change is unwavering...and it's so awesome to see how you've already made changes within the current structure to positively impact the student experience. (And having a supportive team makes such a difference!) I'm really interested in the collaborative art project that you mentioned in your reflection - any preliminary ideas about the metric(s) your connect team may use to gauge impact?

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We aren't really trying to analyze impact at this point since we believe in our overall goal, but once we design a schedule that allows for such interaction, we will begin thinking about such measurements, including student voice in how they are growing or inhibited. I have mtgs. scheduled with my principal and the special services team (OT, Speech, etc) which will further expand the criteria/constraint understanding , then the Connect team begins generating options!