Module 4

A no-phone-phone-or-social media challenge for students.

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Hey Steve ! Thanks for submitting your reflection! I love that you and Sarah collaborated on other metrics for evaluating the impact of your idea. It will be very interesting to see how the students' behavior changes (if at all) after the challenge is over. Will some revert back to cell phone usage? Will they continue to encourage each other to keep devices "away" in your class? It'd be cool to get feedback from students on WHY their behavior changed.

On a slightly different note: there's something that really stood out to me in the 3rd need you addressed - lack of healthy connection with peers. It made me wonder about a short, "beginning of class ritual" you could introduce that would purposely have them connect with a partner or small group for just a brief amount of time - a daily activity/prompt that promotes fun peer connections so they are less likely to be on their phones. Just a thought... :-)