Module 3 prototype reflection

Redesigning the way we run specials to improve student engagement.

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We are looking for innovative schedules that allow for exploratory classes to be more engaging through an efficient use of time that provides continuity and flexibility in meeting student needs/interests.


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Hi Cynthia Banjoff and Adha Mengis . Great idea about the checklist! Cindy, you could also sketch out a mind map or simple storyboard to get started. Who are the players? What might they do? How would they interact with one another? What could they achieve? That visual could serve as a launching point before thinking about the schedule! Then perhaps brainstorm with your colleagues (and some students) about how you could test elements of this "exploratory collaboration" in your current schedule. :-)

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Perfect-I'm having my colleagues make a list of what they believe to be most important for their class, so I'll summarize their responses in a mind map for further discussion. :)

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