Mentor Memorial Design Team

This is our design portfolio that highlights our journey!

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Hello Memorial team!

This design portfolio was a JOY to read and we cannot thank you enough for all of the reflections, insights and work that went into your Year 1 experience. I was particularly moved by your inclusion of student ideas/feedback about the space - what a powerful way to highlight your deep commitment to empathy! Your portfolio mentions this in multiple ways; that your team has included student voice throughout the process - and we know that you will continue to keep them at the forefront of your work.

Also, your comment about being comfortable with things "not being all done at once" really resonated with me. I often find that I need to remind myself that small steps, or "wins," are significant...especially when we're testing our ideas.

Really excited to see how the space evolves next year and what new ideas surface from students and teachers!

Enjoy your summer break!