Mentor Design Team Module 3

This assignment has our first thoughts on our prototype.

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Hi Becca! I always enjoy reading your reflections - you definitely have a clear understanding of the design process and your team is fully committed to this experience!

Two things about your submission jumped out at me. First, you identified "determining the purpose of the newly designed space" as one of the desired outcomes of sharing your prototype. You couldn't be more spot-on! Hopefully the feedback you received at the Incubator gave your team some ways to help determine the space's purpose. This, to me, seems like the most critical piece - once you know the WHY behind the space based on the needs of who you're designing for, that'll help you focus on what comes next.

Also, you mentioned receiving feedback on your prototype from students (yes!), staff (yes!) and other Guild members (yes)! I also encourage you to consider getting feedback from specific target users within each of those groups. For example, you may want to solicit feedback from incredibly involved/active students and those who are very disengaged in school. In addition to teachers, maybe hearing from the cafeteria or maintenance staff might lead to some new insights that teachers may not have considered!

Looking forward to seeing how the prototype evolves for your team!