Empathy Interview: High School Senior @ iSTEM

A high school senior walked me through his growth from year 1 to now and his insight was fantastic!

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Notes from Empathy interview with a high school senior and my reflection. My student amazed me with his keen insight and specific reflections on his growth and how our school fit into that process. I am excited to send this kid out into the world and see what he becomes! 

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Hey Karly! I really enjoyed reading your Empathy reflection and chatting with you during our first in-person event at Lakeland Community College. I appreciate that you are able to reflect on your own identity as an introvert and how that shapes you as an educator. I'm excited for how you and Vince will synthesize your Empathy insights into a design journey. When we chatted in person, I remember that you and Vince landed on a "How Might We" question about the freshmen experience. An even more specific design journey might be, "How might we leverage seniors to guide freshmen?" I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this year.