Design Portfolio - Mentor Shore Team

This is our Google Slides presentation that highlights our design journey!

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Hi Becca, Tori, Brianne, Mitch and Donna! Your design portfolio is AWESOME. There's no question that you captured the highlights and challenges of this year's design journey - and I'm so excited to see how the space will evolve for your students and teachers next year.

One of my favorite parts was reading your reflection on how your "inner designer skills" have developed - and in particular, your thoughts about being a do-er. "Wow! We have the potential to decide on a guiding question to form our journey around. Now, we have the responsibility to build our prototype and actually make it happen! Let’s go!" Your belief in your capacity to create meaningful change is the got this!

Also, I laughed out loud (in such a good way) at your post-it summary of your design journey. The roller coaster image combined with questions is GREAT. So relatable. :-)

Feel free to check out other teachers' design portfolios (on the Guild website) to see how they reflected on their experience. You all had some powerful insights!

Enjoy every minute of summer!