Visually Reimagining The Letters We Send Home

What if we sent home visually engaging, and joyful letters home?

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Designer Ingrid Fetell Lee explores the connection between our environment and emotions, and offers the simple idea that joy - and noticing it - can be an achievement that contributes to our overall wellbeing and connection our surroundings. Check out her TED talk here

Her book - Joyful - on the aesthetics that bring us joy and how to notice them - made me think about the letters we send home with students. 

What if we moved from simple / institutional Looking letters HOME... 

such as this example below: 

To letters that AESTHETICALLY expressed greater joy, connection, and HUMANITY. Imagine colors or themes like these: 

Constraints include color printing at schools or just time on hand to invest in this - but I can imagine some workarounds! 

(Interesting black and white patterns // asking students to add a "splash of color" before getting their parent/guardian to sign, or simply lobbying your principal that nothing could be more important than neon paper). 

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

There's much research on positive psychology and the impact on mood and health. If we train (and actively work) to focus, build, or create things that bring us joy and connection - we tend to begin feeling more grateful and content. This can cause something called "Upward spirals" that result in greater wellbeing across communities. It makes me curious about the very basic and routine communications that schools send out and how they might be used as a platform to spark positive feelings.


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Maybe students could create colorful and playful infographics about the school (for their parents) or about their own progress.

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I like John's idea. Also, there is a part of this that reminds me of coloring books for adults. Even in black and white, whimsical design and flowy lines bring me joy and are so much more engaging then "traditional" notes.