Transparency & Work: Fundamentals towards better relationships between families and teachers

By having transparency from the teachers as well as parents, success can be achieved with trust and confidence.

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By starting off the year by meeting one-on-one and focusing on the root of the problem or concerns parents as well as teachers have, they can begin trusting one another to help benefit the success of the student. Not only that but having follow up meetings and seeing both sides can help create conversation with both the teacher and the parent with the student to help improve any areas of concern or help the student grow. Being honest, allowing for true transparency and communicating with all parties involved, it can create a tight knit practical bond that can improve with time.

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HI Mariko Do you envision the initial meeting happening before the school year begins? There are some schools who have Student-Led Conferences with some success. It is not necessarily a one-on-one parent meeting, but it is students meeting with the parents and teachers regarding his/her learning. How might this fit into what you hope to achieve at your school?