The Feedback Triangle

A feedback (in-person and on paper) triangle between the parent, teacher, and student to help students with the completion of their work.

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How might we use the Feedback Triangle in other ways (besides completing classroom work) to communicate and build trust between parents, teachers, and students?

From the Mill Valley Middle School website: 

"The Weekly Audit is designed to assist students, parents, and teachers when a student struggles with homework completion. Students can be placed on the Weekly Audit when they begin to show a pattern of missed or incomplete assignments. Counselors, teachers, or other support staff can initiate the audit. The audit is a great way to ensure that students have a face-to-face meeting with their teachers, once a week, to discuss missing assignments and the student’s progress in class. The audit can be done in all academic classes or just the ones that are proving to be more of a struggle for the student to complete assignments. The Weekly Audit is intended to be a temporary intervention. If grades improve, or the audit is not proving helpful, it will be discontinued."

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

This is a weekly practice my son does at his middle school which has been a wonderful way to teach him advocacy for his own needs at school, while still keeping me, the parent, in the loop—or in this case, in the triangle! I can't take credit for this idea at all, but as a parent, wanted to share it out with the greater educational community so anyone who was interested could use this idea! And what are other ways to use the FT?! Props to Mill Valley Middle School in Mill Valley, CA!
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Triangle Audit.pdf

These are stickies with naming ideas that get at how this idea creates a triangle of communication and feedback between the school, student, and home.

Audit Instructions 2016.pdf

This is the inspiration for the idea. This document explains how the "Thursday Audit" works at Mill Valley Middle School in Mill Valley, CA.

Audit PDF.pdf

This is the form used at Mill Valley Middle School for the Thursday Audit. Students keep the forms and take them to their teachers after school on Thursdays to get their feedback on classwork and behavior. Students take the form home to get their parent's signature on it. It goes back to the teacher the next Thursday, and the triangle of communication continues.


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Mary I like this idea of an audit and how it provides a check and balance for the communication patterns between parent and teacher.

Building on this, can you share how we would measure the efficicy of the audit? What desired behaviors/communication patterns or metrics (number of face to face meetings, quality of the meeting, depth of the conversation) can you imagine?
Also as a tool, have you used Class Dojo? It's great at documenting parent-teacher communication. You can check it out here:

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Thanks so much for your comments, Jennifer! I'll do some thinking about measuring impact and will check out Class Dojo! -MM

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Yes and let me know if you want to jump on a hangout so I can show you some things you can do with dojo. These are good videos here too:

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I look forward to watching these videos (youtube is blocked in schools where I work, so will check at home!).

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