Teaching Student - Parent Communication to Build Understanding

Help teach students how to daily share information with parents (both academic & emotional) by providing a framework of opportunities.

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We live in a world of constant communication - visual, verbal, in words, in actions - and we are missing an important opportunity within the classroom  - helping students learn HOW to share information from their day with their families. It is our desire to form a bridge between school and the outside world - what better way to build stepping stones than to acknowledge the importance of quality information sharing. This information could be through a daily reflection - it could be typed, written, drawn - acting almost as a journal, but also as a space where it is understood that this is a place for sharing something that was pivotal, confusing, exciting, or frustrating, the list goes on. It could be shared through a digital platform or through paper. 

Build the bridge between students and their families, to help better build the bridge between teacher and families. 


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Hi! I use a few questions with my kids at home:

1. How were you brave/kind/thoughtful today?
2. What surprised you today?
3. If you could've taught the lesson instead of your teacher, what would it have been and how would it have been better/different?

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