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Redesign the classroom so that it more models a space where students, teachers, and parents can discuss 1-1 the students learning progress.

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Discard the classroom model and make school more like an open space. This space should include everything from couches, to large conference tables, to white boards, and many other things that make the classroom an inviting space for learning. Students can learn on their own and talk to their teachers personally about their learning and progress, without the fear of grades or deadlines. This makes learning more of a discussion between the student, the teacher, and the parents. 

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

The idea came in an educational philosophy class at my school.


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In addition to a more open space, you could have a more flexible schedule too. This would make it easier for parents to help teach and mentor.

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I could see this as being useful... you should submit it as an idea ;)

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Will,Thanks for sharing this idea. I wonder how this might be extended to build trust with the students (and even further with the parents).