Parent Teacher Social

Host an event for both Parent and Teacher to know each other beyond the labels of Parent and Teacher.

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Oftentimes the barrier between any groups of people is that they do not feel comfortable around each other. We know one another only through our labels, which in this case is Parent and Teacher.  What if we got to know each other as Karen and Tom?

The opportunity for us to strengthen our communication could begin with a Parent and Teacher Social at the beginning or middle of the school year. The time would be late afternoon so that Teachers could afford to stay and some parents could leave work a little early to attend as well.

In this social we would have

  • Ice breaker exercises
  • Group projects focused on developing the best student at home and at school
  • Recognition moments
  • Combined Art project that would be displayed in the school lobby after
  • Eating and Dancing

 This is our moment to learn about the other person not just as a label but as a person that we know and understand better. We will also find out at the heart of both of us is the success of our children.

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Hi T + T. Thanks for this contribution - Your core premise is so important! It's a really interesting idea although I am wondering about the dancing piece -- would be "interesting" and awkward for parents and teachers to be dancing in in the same space. The idea of doing some sort of art project together is intriguing -- do you have any specific ideas for a project? Also, can you share ideas regarding recognition events?