A community building app, much like popular neighborhood app NextDoor, where teachers can further involve parents in the education process.

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This app, based off the popular neighborhood app NextDoor, would allow teachers to share photos of class, updates on ___, schedules, as well as individualized feedback and grades. This would allow families to feel as though they are apart of the child's learning experience, never being blindsided by lack of information, or feeling "out of the loop."

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My parents are constantly asking the simple question of "What did you do at school?" Of course, my obvious response is alway "Learned." This leaves them not know what is going classroom, only communicating with the teacher during the annual conferences. They are removed from the situation entirely. But, if a platform was created in which they could better understand what is going on, and my personal progress, they would have a lot more confidence in the people responsible for my education.

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Wyatt Spruell  My name is Nicole Cummings and I am one of the Teachers Guild Ambassadors. Thank you so much for contributing to the conversation. This is an awesome idea, are you thinking about developing your own, are there apps that you have used with your families that are similar? One that comes to mind is a class dojo. Let me know what you find I am intrigued and would love to learn more. Keep me posted. You can also find me on Twitter @ENicoleCumm.