Leveraging Portal to Create Community

Adults teleconference in for a thirty minutes to introduce themselves and to observe the amazingness occurring in the classroom.

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As a teacher, I can't help but teach better when I am being observed. As a parent, I am always curious what my kid is up to.  Why not leverage a Portal from Facebook to improve the teaching and learning PLUS create trust between teacher, students and parents? A Facebook Portal camera can be used to create that connection. The Portal can be loaned out to different parents throughout the school year to create equitable access.

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The Hawthorne Effect is a classic psychological phenomena that states that behavior changes when the actor knows they are being observed.


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Cool idea Mr. Joo! I find this so intriguing - I have not used Facebook portal before but I like your thinking in that it could provide a window into the classroom for parents and families to better understand the life of their child while they're in school. We are just starting to get better at using video for peer coaching - watching ourselves teach and sharing those videos with others - and the impact that video can have on instruction is undeniable. Once you get more comfortable with it it's amazing how it can really catapult your practice! I had heard of it as the Audience Effect, but same principle I suppose - just as we ask students to design and create for an authentic audience, we, too could be teaching with an authentic audience there for true feedback. The privacy question as mentioned below is important but I'm sure there are already products out there that have accounted for this (e.g. Seesaw). I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops though, a cool and unique idea! Thanks for sharing!

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