Instructional Design- Strategies to Develop Positive Relationship With Students

I would like to create creative, engaging lessons that grab my student's attention and allow them to take ownership in the learning process.

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I have shared my ideas with respect to instructional content, a lesson that was conducted by me for Grade 4 students.  I have tried to incorporate some innovative strategies using the Smart Board and tried to engage my students through two way communication. I feel this is the best way to win my children and develop a strong bond with them. If students seem satisfied, I think we have satisfied the parents too who are important stakeholders working hand in hand with the organization and with the teachers.Some students need teachers who will go that extra mile to ensure that they are successful.

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

I think the curiosity in my children has lead me to be where I am today. Their continuous inquiry and urge to know new things has prompted me to delve into extensive research work. I look forward to revising my strategies every year and be a learner in whatever new initiative that is taken by me. My students have been a motivating source for me throughout and I look forward to engage them through exciting ways to keep them bright eyed in all my sessions.

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Thanks for sharing your idea. I agree that parents want their child to be satisfied with school. Can you share further what two way communication looks like in your classroom?