Flip the Back to School Night

We are BOTH members of the community. What if both Parents and teachers lead a session at back to school night?

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I think we have to be realistic with what we're communicating to parents. If we truly want a relationship, then there is going to be regular communication. You can't have a relationship where the parents are made to feel like they can't reach out to you. Back to School Nights feel more like a show but they're not inviting the parents, it's more trust us.  Ask first do you want a relationship with the parents. Relationships take work.  Uncomfortable moments but you have to be ready for both. Defining an appropriate relationship.  Instead of Back to School Night, what if it were a TownHall,  what if it were building community, parents see teachers as members of the community, more than just an expert or a context expert.  This will help to have more back and forth  and more frequent check ins. At the BTSN the parents can sign up for check-ins, buy in or a way to participate in program where they come in quarterly, evenings of who is a mentor in your life, experience of a relationship, we don't need to change the entire institution, but if there are people that need that time, allow the space for it. 


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Sarah Merrell Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing! This is such a great idea. I'm a huge fan of honoring the expertise of families and parents and positioning them as experts. It makes me wonder if there could even be various stations or panels related to different content areas that your school community is interested in and host mini sessions or workshops with parents. I think this is such a great project to prototype to see what you learn through the process of testing it out.

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I agree-- I immediately thought of parents leading sessions at BTSN in addition to teachers. I wonder if we could some how hack together BTSN and an edcamp focused on parents, teachers, and students.