Fellowship In the ____________or At the _____________________. (Family Field Lessons)

Meeting outside of the 4 walls of school can cultivate authentic community between Educators, Students & their Parents (Families).

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We all know that kids love to have fun, and parents want them to have fun. If schools work to create opportunities such as informal meetups around the city, parents and teachers can utilize the opportunity to informally get to know each other better. The school can reach out to create a partnership with the location at a discounted price(Jumping place, arcade, gym, park, pizza joint, movies... pretty much any place), then send out a sign up where parents can pay( or attain scholarship) commit to bring kids and stay. Staff members show up and enjoy each other. 


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Love this! Our Parents of Students of Color group does this periodically through the year, and each grade has a cocktail party once a year as well. It's all off campus and parents are able to relax a little, without talking about or thinking about the kids. Their affinity is the school and their jobs as parents. It definitely makes the bond tighter.

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