Rotating Family, Teacher, and Student Meetings

Schools will adopt a program in school in which teachers meet with students’ families every two weeks to explain what they’re learning.

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Students and their families will meet with their teachers once every two weeks where they will discuss how their students are doing, as well as give an update on what they’re learning. This will help students’ parents/ families and teachers to be on the same page and will provide a more detailed synopsis of how they’re doing so that it’s not just once or twice a year during “parent-teacher conferences”. I also think it’s important the students are there so that they can better understand how they’re doing and what they need to work on, as well as to keep things transparent. I don’t expect the interview to be a long, grueling, and extremely detailed meeting, as many larger schools do not have the time to do this, but simply a couple minute meetings after school once every two weeks. The teachers will have this half hour meeting time scheduled into their work day everyday, so they will have a couple families each day, rotating through with their meetings through each two week period.

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Growing up, all my friends and I never wanted to go to parent-teacher conferences, as we weren’t expected to and would rather have the day off, but we were never aware of how we were doing in class, which could be cured by a simple discussion. Our parents and teachers were the only ones who we could use to try to comprehend how we were doing, but most of all this would allow students to go over what they don’t understand/are struggling with, but with their parents so everyone’s on the same page.

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Matt Robinson --thanks for sharing your idea. What grade levels are you thinking about this for?