Elevation Framework: Elevating the voices of parents, students and teachers

Parents, students and teachers are the innovators that education is waiting for; we can elevate their voices for change.

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The Elevation Framework works to create spaces for parents, students and teachers to share their ideas and action plans for equity. Though the individual spaces are defined, cross-collaboration works to make sure that students needs are fully met.

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This framework was born from one students' dream of having a Black Student Union on a largely white suburban campus. With collaboration between the student, parent and teacher, we were able to make her dream come true. Her impact has been so large that the Black Student Union has grown from one on our campus to 5 total in our district. BSU Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIed9EnAcxU&t=3s


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Tiffanie Harrison  Thanks for sharing! Great project.

With the Elevation Framework, are these physical spaces or providing space for conversations/ideas etc.?

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Thank you Jessica Lura ! We've tested both. I find that opportunities for conversations and idea sharing in a physical space have worked best. Particularly with students and parents of color. There is an in-person trust that needs to be built that is difficult to do without the face-to-face time.