Community Learning Spaces

Local restaurants and cafes supporting education incorporate activities, books, and events that directly support student learning.

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Local restaurants or fast food chains that serve busy families often partner to support local schools, yet the partnership misses opportunities to use the time and space at a restaurant for families to engage in learning together. Placemats, play areas, and toys could incorporate and support key learning goals, and reinforce to families the important role they play in learning. Restaurants could design spaces and learning resources with input from local teachers.

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Vidya. Thanks for sharing this idea! I think it's a great idea to think about play and learning in different spaces. Your idea has me thinking about how teachers could do projects with students -- like custom designed placemats for learning math or something -- and then having parents work with their children at dinner time to solve fun riddles or problems. I can see someone making lots of money from the production of placemats or toys for learning in restaurants... Do you have a specific idea? THANKS! Paul