Weekly Community Circles

Weekly Community Circle-- invite the entire parent community and celebrate academic success, birthdays, and show class pride.

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At the school I managed Parent Engagement, and Parent Advocacy from 20011-2014-- the school hosted weekly Community Circle Wednesday mornings immediately after arrival. All classes would sit in a large circle around the school gymnasium. We invited all parents, our co-located schools and other administrators to join! Each week every class would show their class pride, we would award "Reader of the Week", "Parent of the Week", "Improvement of the Week", celebrate birthdays for the week, and make weekly announcements. It was joyful event with music, and dancing. Parents would look forward to Community Circle-- it allowed for a moment of celebration, recognition and fun for everyone to partake in! 

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Lusmaia Diaz --what a fun and meaningful tradition. I love how it brings together learners, teaches, parents, and school staff into one space to celebrate together. I wonder how we might be able to do something similar in other schools or how it might be modified to a single classroom (or grade level) so that a school admin could see the value in expanding it.