Trust begins with Active Integrity

Trust building exercises with parents and teachers is a way for us to achieve active integrity

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One thing that we always have to do is be transparent about our flaws while also being diligent at addressing those flaws and being transparent about that process. I like to call that active integrity. I think this will help build trust between teachers and parents. 

 If we had a representative from a teacher group or a parent group and as leaders they would make sure they are empathetic to the other group while also being accountable for those own flaws as well— I think that work is what makes people trust people. 

How might we make this relationship less about one individually and more about us collectively? 

There is a potential for having workshops with teachers and parents where there is a trust exercises. I did a workshop in Italy and by the end of the 3 days I felt closer to those people than I did my own friends. 

One of the exercises we did was to close our eyes and our partner had to lead us to the space without bumping into things and they had to take us through an obstacle and so we did that and we had to do that for the other person. It was amazing how quickly that you trust that person. Your safety is in their hands. You’re not jumping off the cliff with them but you are not afraid listening to them.  If we led that same thing with parents and teachers, I can see the trust building. 

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Alex,Thanks for sharing your idea. I love idea of focusing on building a team/community rather than an individual. Could you explain further what happened at the workshop? How might we be able to scale this idea and share it with more teachers?