Support accessibility of ALL families to make room for Equity and Inclusion

Schools should evaluate communication and messaging so that we make room for ALL families. Are we designing communication with bias?

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I think the communication needs to be accessible to all types of families. So some families may have meeting times in the afternoon or mornings so let's make sure there are times in the evenings so that families that have busy work schedules can also attend. Also in San Francisco, we should make sure we have translators so that  messaging is received and no one feels left out.  For example we have Spanish speaking families that are present at meetings but they don't understand what is being said. In my experience, I can tell when I'm doing a presentation with families and I know the child and then all of a sudden the parents let me know they don't understand what I just said. It's unfortunate. Let's make sure newsletters are translated as well. Also, let's not assume everyone checks their email, so let's use different mediums  like texting or even paper or even a post card with dates in their language will help the feel included. Let's have more availability slots for shadow dates for prospective students bc not everyone can attend from 11:00 - 1:00.  One more idea is making sure we have a panel of parent speakers that are representative of parents on the fringes not just the obvious or the majority, parents that other parents can relate to. 


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Ashley Withers ,
This, This, and all of this. Thank you so much for your contribution and for your willingness to begin the conversations. All too often we see the same parents attaining the connections and resources that their students need simply because of access. This is so important to high light, and address. I am excited to hear more about the element of inclusion and access in this light. Let me know if you have any questions - Nicole; Teachers Guild Ambassador. Twitter @ENicoleCumm

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