Serve the Student, Not the System: Holistic Student Reports

Combining family, student and school perspectives to create a multidimensional report that represents social, emotional & academic learning.

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I have been working with SET Lab ( as a Research Delegate since August. My topic, Serving the Student, Not the System: Holistic Student Reports, was inspired by our process in creating a Montessori Middle School program at our school, Hamilton Park Montessori School in Jersey City, NJ. Along with abounding research showing how qualitative core competencies (like leadership, empathy and collaboration) will be necessary for the future of work, I knew that even our narrative based, grade aversed student report left a lot on the table. I knew we could be doing a much better job in measuring and reporting on students’ socio-emotional, cognitive and academic progress, and I knew that creating a report that put student self reflection at the center of the process was critical to creating the kind of student agency we desire for our kids.

My research has been progressing over the school year, and consists of multiple data collection points, endless hours of research through conversation, reading and surveying, and piloting prototypes with my own students throughout this school year.

In May I’ll present my findings at the SET Lab Conference in Washington DC! 

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Hi Michele! Thank you so much for getting started on this idea-- I find this idea to be at the center of this work! Parents getting a 360 view of their students' progress is pivotal for collaboration. Just an FYI- Ideate ends in two days, feel free to publicize this idea to assure we can start building in the next phase! Please feel free to reach out with any questions!


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Thanks so much Lusmaia Diaz! I might have missed the deadline on this... I was at an educator conference! =( But I published it, and would love to move ahead to the next step. I’ve been working on this project all school year...