Reaching out to Parents beyond Just the Letter Grades

Build a rapport with parents by going beyond just grades

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Sometimes the only communication between parents and teachers is on powerschool and I think when the teachers go beyond grades and assessments, it helps build a personal relationship. Teachers should reach out periodically with parents even before official grades come out  in order to show parents that you care.  It's also good to touch base about personal matters, not just about academic progress.  I think this communication looks like an email or a phone call. I think there's more in a conversation than in an email. I think it's important to start with a positive note about their child. I think a positive start sets it up on a good tone. For example if you start with a negative comment, there's more hostility but if you start on a positive it helps build the relationship. 


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Yes! Building a relationship is critical to learning about issues before they become problems. Too many schools manage by exception and only communicate when a grade is low or there is a disciplinary problem. In addition, teachers sometimes only communicate during school-sponsored events and not regularly.

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