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What might I learn from a great PR pro about communication and trust?

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When thinking about communication and trust, I was wondering what other careers and areas focused on communication and trust to learn what worked in their areas. I thought about doctors (importance of trust), used car salemen/women (able to connect and sell an idea), news anchors, and finally a PR pro.

I read an article about The Nine Qualities of a Great PR Pro .

The nine qualities were 1. always ready, 2. Audience Minded 3. 3. Great Storyteller 4. Persuasive Prowess 5. Connection Cultivator 6. Punctuality Matters 7. Willing to Learn 8. Detail Oriented 9. Adventurous Attitude

The two that really stuck out to me in communicating were  Audience-Minded and Great Storyteller.

2. Audience Minded PR pros have to know the customer base in order to determine the best types of stories to tell. Even so, not every tale will do. Having a nose for news and what consumers want to hear will help drive client coverage.

Even when pitching journalists, keeping the audience in mind is key. The news hook should be clearly stated. If the journalist can’t determine what your news is, how can you expect her to want to cover it? Your pitch should also be conversational. Don't use jargon, it will prevent you from connecting with the journalist you're targeting and the audience you hope to reach.

3. Great StorytellerThis is one tenant of PR that will always ring true. Fantastic stories draw people in and stick with them long after they’ve moved on to something else. It is great to have a tale to tell, but a great storyteller can make almost any narrative seem interesting.

I wonder how I might be able to design using the tenets of audience-minded and great storyteller to strengthen strengthen communication and trust between families and teachers to better support students’ success? (and what might I learn from a used car sales-person?)

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As a marketing person, I would love to explore this idea more Jessica Lura ! I would love to know where authenticity plays into this. My mind automatically goes to my district where we have a strong PR presence. It would be interesting to see this go both ways in a situation like this. PR --> Parent and Parent --> PR. I would be interested in a build on this original idea, centering the parent feedback based upon their new PR knowledge.

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That's a great add! I hadn't thought about bringing parents into the conversation around PR and what they might do with this information.