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In the Fall, hold a family Wellness Day at the new fitness center. Students will guide their families through the facility.

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I have the opportunity to work at a brand new Pre-K to 6th grade school on a reservation. I would like to plan an event where the community feels welcome but also send a message about the importance of the social, emotional and behavior health. Students could brainstorm ideas using Project based learning and the design thinking approach to healthy choices, nutrition, wellness and their environment. Some possible ideas might include collaboration with the community on designing and developing a aqua gardening system.  They are called the "people of the water" and are an agricultural community. 

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After attending the design thinking workshop and with the possibility of becoming a principal at a brand new school, I wanted to find ways to welcome and include the community as part of the school. Inviting parents to attend a brainstorming session would help put us on a path to valuing parents in the education process. Whatever idea they decide on, curriculum could be determined for each grade level, involving the various departments within the tribe as well as community and family members.

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I think that involving the students in how to involve their parents (and focused on the idea of health) is a great idea. Parents would be predisposed to be involved (since their child is involved), and I could see it as a powerful community event.