Informal Enrichment Connection Nights

Create enrichment opportunities for parents and students to connect with teachers in informal settings.

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Create enrichment opportunities for parents and students to connect with teachers around the building through informal settings like an evening of painting, dancing or even a school-wide book club. 

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

I had the opportunity to host at "Paint with a Teacher Night" at a KIPP school where I used to be an administrator in the Fall. The parents, teachers, and students all had a blast and reported that they would love to continue to participate in enrichment events as such. The parents reported that they enjoyed seeing how their child interacted with the teacher and they felt empowered as well.


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I love this idea and can see lots of different ways it could play out...board game nights, sporting activities where parents, students, and teachers play together, lots of different activities in the arts. What a great way for parents and teachers to really connect and learn more about each other in a positive, fun setting. It reminds me of the quote (not sure of the author) "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." I wonder how the idea would play out in a secondary setting? What activities could be planned that would make middle and high school students want to participate with their parents and teachers together?

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This is a beautiful idea that allows parents and students to create together in the school space! It brings an idea to my mind of parents, teachers, and students working on a collaboration mural or something in a school. Love this idea of community and creativity!

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Thank you all. It really was a fun evening, and my big hope is that teachers and families can see the power in building relationships with one another for the sake of pushing the student forward. When kids no matter what age can see that they are cared for and that the adults around them are working together, they become more secure in who they are. When I got to debrief with teachers they were excited to learn more about the parents, in the debriefing with the parents many of them were amazed by the one on one interactions that their children had with the teachers. When talking with the students they were just excited to have the adults they love in the same room. At this particular school, I will have another event extending to the same families and opening it up to other grades.

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Nicole Cummings Wow! This is such a fun activity; Thank you for this idea. Creating together is such a powerful way to build community and deepen connection. It reminds me a bit of all the fun paint night activities that are popping up; It could be super cool to think about creative ways to showcase the work they create. Maybe it becomes an exhibit that greets people when they enter the school? Or maybe different pieces are showcased during school wide meetings, etc. and the artists get to share their work/inspiration? Anyway, I'm inspired by this! Thank you for your contribution!

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This is cool! I also agree with John and Rosemary about the lower walls and the change of outlook. It's a great way to not only build a sense of community but to show that we are all learners.

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I love the idea of a casual activity between parents and teachers. School-related conversations may pop up, but the informality of the setting will have lower "walls" than parent-teacher conferences.

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This is a great idea. I can say, from experience, that when parents engage in fun activities at school, with their children, it makes coming to school something positive. Going to school for elementary school students means, separating from their families for a few hours a day, and separating from their at home activities that entertain them. If the school provides them with something they enjoy and can share with the family, I absolutely believe their outlook on school would def. Change.