HyperDocs as a Communication Tool/Newsletter

Reimagining the Parent Newsletter

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The frustrated, busy, working parent: 

  • wants to know what their student(s) are learning and creating
  • also want to know what they SHOULD be learning and their progress within those concepts that are being taught
  • wants it communicated in a way that is easy to access, understand and view

Enter a new way to communicate with parents; the Progress/Parent News HyperDoc. This communication tool could easily be hyperlinked to be sent through a text app like Remind or emailed to a parent in lieu of the 'weekly papers' that are usually stapled together and sent home with students. 

The easy to read format tells the parent what happened in the class each week (focusing on elementary lens) in regards to learning events, the standards covered and gives access to the product students are creating/have created. 

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

Students are being asked at a greater frequency to be producers rather than consumers in the learning process, but it is not often that evidence of those products and processes are seen at home. I believe the true 'magic' in these learning experiences should be seen by parents in order to further extend those topics into discussions at home and create meaningful connections.


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Great Post Chad! I like the template that you share. I wonder if you would feel okay posting a public one that folks can make a copy of so we can have some folks test it here in the Guild.

Also, how do you imagine getting buy in from teachers who are less reluctant with tech?

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Chad Gangwer I LOVE this idea; I wonder about making it accessible to families that might not have access to technology. I'm also wondering if you saw We have Teacher Newsletters-- why not Parent Newsletters? Let's hear from the Parents! post by Jennifer Gaspar- Santos Could be a cool source of additional inspo or a good person for you to connect with.

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Thank you so much for your contribution and your thoughts around giving access to the learning process to parents electronically. My name is Nicole Cummings I am a Teachers Guild Ambassador and I am excited to hear more about how you would assure parents were getting access to this information. Do they need a computer to view these documents or can they also access it from their phones? I am also wondering if you would print the information off for those who may not have electronic access? Looking Forward, you can also find me @ENicoleCumm on Twitter. - Thanks Again - Nicole

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Thanks for sharing! I love how the format is easy to understand (and digest) and that the students are part of the process of communicating what is happening.