How might we (design) re-think what an anti-bias, multicultural education could make of us?

Let's explore the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice standards through a liberatory design thinking lens - and see what they make of us.

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Some of my teaching colleagues and I mean to do better by our students -- particularly our students and families of color -- when it comes to growing what Louise Derman-Sparks refers to as an "anti-bias, multicultural education" at our pre-K through 8th grade independent school.  We recognize that our teachers (and, first among them, us!) will not only find ourselves re-examining our own learning experiences around topics of race, diversity, identity, and justice, but also bumping into our blind spots around these very issues.  We also sense a scary-real opportunity to invite our students' parents and family members into the conversation.  Might a whole family approach grow our sense of connectedness and commitment to one another, alongside our willingness to work together towards a more joyful and just neighborhood? 

The good folks at Teaching Tolerance are currently hosting an amazing online course, "Best Practices in Social Justice for the Elementary School Classroom".  Teaching Tolerance's Val Brown, a master teacher, #ClearTheAir moderator on Twitter, and all-around national treasure, urged us to "pick your spots on a couple of these, and go hard on them all year...."  

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for us to hone our DT footwork, and prototype a better version of ourselves out there for the world to see.     

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Kevin Day --I am intrigued that you are a team of two but you are both teams? (very meta :)

Yes, let's explore a whole family approach & an anti-bias, multicultural education. What might that look like? What are you imagining? Should we brainstorm around it?