Gratitude Postcards: A Weekly Ritual

Parents and teachers exchange postcards each week, expressing thanks for how they're contributing to students' success

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These weekly postcards are an easy way to (1) ritualize positive vibes between parents and teachers and (2) keep them focused on their respective contributions to students. To help scaffold the exchange, the postcards might come pre-populated with prompts or sentence starters.

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

"How Gratitude Helps Us Build Better Relationships" Excerpt: "According to the psychologist Sara Algoe, gratitude serves to strengthen our relationships with others. Feeling grateful helps us to identify people who are responsive to our needs, and helps to bring us closer to them."


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I like the focus on gratitude. It's something that we've really started to think about at my school--learner gratitude to other learners as well as to their teachers, teacher to teacher, and teacher to learner. I think that providing a teacher to parent and parent to teacher structure would help build better connections and the feeling that we're all on the same team and that we're working together. I also like John's thought around including students.

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