From Ed Camp to Community Camp

I am inspired by the Ed Camp model of teachers leading local professional learning. Could we do the same for schools and families?

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Ed Camps are self-run professional learning experiences that are an un-conference model. Teachers arrive in the morning, put post-its up on the topics they want to discuss, and then vote on the topics and the teachers who will lead the conversation or training. It would be awesome to create this same experience for schools and communities by expanding the audience to include with teachers, parents, student leaders, community leaders, and administrators. I could imagine the topics moving from curriculum to questions as far ranging as how to interpret the report card to  how to support our DACA students. The beauty of it is it is self-run and relevant to the questions and needs teachers are families are facing real time in the classroom and at home. 

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

This idea is based off of how adults learn -- through peers, opt in experiences, and a mix of social meets rigor.

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Maybe an EdCamp-type night where both parents and students sessions.

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