Co- Planning a Child's Learning

Work with parents, teachers and students to design an educational planner that shares and organizes learning.

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We created a student planner that helps families organize their student work and assignments, shows important dates, and also provides lots of opening ended space for setting goals, tracking reading, or sharing resources.  This is our first year using it, and we hope to improve on the design each year by collection feedback about what worked well, and what could be improved.  At less than $7 each, we've found this to be a great value that is highly customizable to our needs.  There are lots of vendors out there that can help you create your own version.


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Daniel Huecker Hey Daniel! Thank you so much for sharing! This is super cool and I could see it being a resource that's super useful for parents, teachers, and students. I'm curious if there is a digital version of this. Might be cool to share a few pages with the community for some inspiration! I also wonder what a digital version might look like as a prototype for someone who just wanted to try this out. Maybe there's a creative way to use Google Calendars or Docs to co-design something with parents. Anyway, thank you for sharing! I love this idea

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Alysha English that sounds like a great idea. Daniel Huecker --are there some screen shot that you could share or might we create a general version that others could use?

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