Bright Hearts & Minds Shine (BHMS)

This is a middle school process that helps parents see the learning journey of their children as remarkable, rather than only markable!

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The BHMS process is an exhibition of student learning, whereby children from different grades work together to showcase their understanding of the past term. Children work together according to different Beacons (Language, Scientific Thinking, Citizenship etc.) and create a mela of experiences for parents to go through at school that can help them understand their learning journey through the Key Stage.

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We realised that a report card or a grade is not enough for parents or students to understand what and how children has been learning or experiencing at school. We thus we began showcasing more student learning through exhibitions. and when we first tried this out, parents were amazed to see young children so capable and confident. This also strengthened their belief in the values and culture of the school when they saw it showcased as a journey, so thus we made it into a timetabled process!

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Niall Walsh I know about this from Design for Change! I love the impact it makes on teaching students to be responsible for their learning and allowing them an opportunity to showcase and model it for others. We do a similar student showcase of learning at my school in Alabama and I'll be involved for the first time this year. I'm curious how the students select what they are going to showcase and, like Paul, is this a once a year event. Thank you!

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