Instagram is to Students What Facebook is to Parents. Let's Use Social Media as a Window into Classrooms!

Creating a window into classrooms ( by leveraging social media) helps parents trust what is happening in the classroom.

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I think that facebook and instagram to strengthen relationships. Building trust means seeing what is actually happening in the school. Parents can get a window into what's happening at the school like a  little trailer, so they can see what's happening in the classroom.  What if parents had access to vide announcements.  I think when you have a better understanding of what's going on and you see it for yourself, then there is more trust in the environment and the school.  As a counselor, I mediate issues between parents and teachers and my role is to make the relationship smoother. If I could leverage a video or social media to connect people, why not! 


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I love the idea of givi9ng parents a window into the classroom. I'm on the fence about using social media or a more private mechanism (LMS, digital portfolio, private website/blog, etc.). It is difficult to review lots of posts on any social media platform. So, I don't know how much parents are learning from the posts - other than looking for pictures of their son/daughter smiling, On a more private platform, you could explain the images and group them thematically.

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