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Use student created video messages to welcome new families to our community.

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Joining a new school can be a scary experience, especially for elementary grades. Who are these kids, what's the lunch room like, what should I know to help me make it through my day that they don't tell me in the office. Who better to explain a day in the life of a student, than the students! Teams of students, or student leaders can help create a welcome video for the school. While I haven't helped organize this project in real life, I would imagine a separate video for each grade level. The students could  highlight the parts of the school such as: 

  • the route from the doors to that grade level section
  • features of rooms in that grade level 
  • a run down of their daily schedule 
  • interviews of students in that grade about why their grade is fun 
  • how they get to the lunchroom/recess 
  • specialists 
  • special grade level features 

Videos could be emailed to families or shared on school websites. 

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

I've helped organize as well as witnessed a number of projects where students share their learning or experiences with other students; sometimes it's students in the same grade, sometimes they share with other grades in the school. In general, kids will listen to their peers more than their teachers. Allowing students to be in the leadership role of explaining the in's and out's of the school gives a personal feel and a unique perspective for new families.

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I'm actually about to start this very project as part of my Media Arts course! My students and I will start working on it in the next few weeks. It's not a new idea as our school completes the video every year. It is part of our focus on being welcoming and it has been instrumental in sharing information and introducing families to the school. I'm going to add your ideas to their list of what to include.

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Of course you are Theresa Shadrix, because you are an amazing person! I'd love to see an example!

Photo of Theresa Shadrix

Jill Jensen We are working on finishing this video project as our "Welcome" night for parents is on Thursday night. They do it every year and it seems very helpful for parents. I'll share the finished project, along with everything else we create for it!

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