We have Teacher Newsletters-- why not Parent Newsletters? Let's hear from the Parents!

Increasing communications means creating avenues for both parties to share information and news/events, a two way avenue for communication.

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Let's give parents a medium to share parent events and information. I imagine headings like "Best Practices for Bringing Back Dinner Time from Screen Time" or "Study Habits for   your Students, Start Early" then teachers will get an insight into what is important to parents. Parents are the students first teachers. It's a shared learning environment between home and school. The newsletter provides a platform for parents to share what's on their mind. They can even have a section called, Dear Teacher... where they can ask advice from teachers and the teachers could respond. They could use Weebly or even go old school with a print copy in Pages or Word and post it in the faculty room. 


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We host parent coffees on a range of topics. The spontaneous side conversations are very valuable. We have thought about live streaming them for parents that can't physically attend. We have also thought about a sort of unconference where parents provide their questions ahead of time and we host 10-15 mini-sessions to discuss. As an unconference, the sessions are simultaneous and topics are repeated.

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