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Nothing feels better than sharing student success and growth with parents, right? Why not vlog via messaging apps, e.g. slack to parents?

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As a parent, nothing is better than seeing pictures of my child learning and growing in class.  Well, as a teacher, why can't I share (via direct messaging apps like Slack) 24 pictures per second WITH audio to share the growth of my students.

Video shares would not only eliminate the typing involved with emails, but would be even more personal than classroom newsletters and much more frequent than annual parent teacher conferences.  

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

Working with our video production club, slack has been an invaluable asset for communication. I've learned first hand the power of just in time learning, collaboration, and communication. The best part is that the conversations are somewhat archived which allows for analysis of the patterns that can only benefit the processes involved.


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Mr. Yosup Joo Thanks so much for sharing! Our team at The Guild is definitely full of Slack lovers. Is Slack a tool that you're already using in your school. It seems like a cool creative challenge might be around supporting parents to get on Slack. I wonder how you might get creative in the process of inviting and onboarding parents onto Slack so you can make sure it's useful. Thanks again for your post! -Alysha

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