Student VBlog and Parent Video Conferences

Students record what they have learned & what they need to work on under the supervision of their teacher, record the vblog, share w/family.

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Teachers can share their "students" with families (i.e. student video blogs what they are learning, what is challenging them, what they hope to accomplish next week/next lesson). Families can reply with sharing their "children" (i.e. families share clip of life outside school in response -- soccer game, family dinner, etc). This mutual sharing may increase empathy and support of one another and help to give one another a more complete "picture" of this person. (child/student)

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

Parent generation using the Marco Polo app.

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Hi Ms. Sideco! I'm intrigued by this idea because it is like an on-going conversation, builds more than a portfolio, and is not a one time meeting, like in Student Led Conferences. How do you see this being accomplished? Any idea on a platform to use, like Flipgrid?

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