Storytelling through podcasts

Stories told from students' families hold cultural value that can be educational and build community.

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Storytelling spans all cultures.  Sharing them within a school community can create connections to academics as well as build a stronger community through honoring families' cultures.  The act of sharing insights requires trust, and sharing them with a broader audience allows people to see commonalities and understand context of humans.  

This idea is to have teachers and families share their stories.  Both parties have to be vulnerable, but from that trust and understanding is born, which can facilitate relationship building and communication.

The podcast portion might be an option to accommodate various timelines of busy families.

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Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

I was inspired by a MOOC about physiology that used storytelling through Stanford's Storytelling Project. . I am also reading Creativity, Inc. and was inspired by Pixar.


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Catherine Goodheart I love this! Many collectivist cultures rely on storytelling and I love your idea as a mechanism for all voices to be heard. I see that such trust can be built with the vulnerability that could come from this. Would you allow parents and teachers to share freely or would you provide prompts for them? If you are active on twitter, feel free to follow me @yungtiffanie and we can continue to collaborate!

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Thanks, Tiffanie Harrison ! Initially I thought topics would spring up organically - or be driven by personally important topics, but I like the idea of prompts. Maybe that would be a first stage to get the ideas flowing. . .
Thank you for your insight!

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