Score your Parent/Teacher Relationships at your School

What if you could grade or score the current climate of parent-teacher relationships at your school? If you measure it, you can change it.

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Scoring the following categories: 

1. Mutual Respect and Consideration : Do both parties feel like their needs are being satisfied or does one party feel resentful over the other? Do teachers feel like working with parents is leaving them "pumped  and self- satisfied" or does it leave them "drained"?

2. Defining Success together: Do parents and teachers feel like they are getting the intended outcomes? Do they feel like they are working together toward a shared vision for success. 

3. Measure Necessity and Impact on students: "would eliminating this relationship between parents and teachers generate  negative consequences for students? Would our kids feel adrift without this collaboration?" The stronger the necessity, the higher the score

4. Replacements:  Would there be an opportunity to "re-allocate the resources invested in the parent-teacher relationship  to a more beneficial engagement?"  Is there a competing resource --perhaps  teacher- tutor or student -student relationships --how does this unique relationship soak up resources and are there other avenues to share those resources.  

Share research or student experiences that informed your idea!

Inspired by this article from Psychology Today on Healthy Relationships:


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School climate data is critical to fostering healthy relationships between faculty, parents and teachers. Decisions rarely impact each constituency the same. It is also worthwhile to take the pulse of major events, like parent-teacher conferences, back-to-school nights, parent coffees, etc. Teachers are expected to do a lot of extra duties and maybe some of the activities are not having the desired impact.

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